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Supplying fresh produce and healthy food to Northern parts of Canada is a challenge. Koinedge Farms will subsidize local vegetable production in Labrador by heating a vertical farm with a data-mining facility. This project is about diversifying the value proposition of data-mining by utilizing the waste heat to create year-round fresh food production such as lettuce, herbs, and tomatoes in Labrador. Vertical hydroponic growing areas provide opportunities to multiply the job impact and create local control over a fresh and healthy food supply. The project uses private investment rather than public money to advance food security initiatives in the region.


Koinedge Farms does not currently have any active data-mining facilities in Labrador. Koinedge farms has invested over $1 Million in the project through the purchase of two pieces of land in 2017, municipal taxes, and design work with local engineering firms. The project cannot move ahead until Hydro provides service. During the time since 2017, Koinedge Farms has met with Town Staff, Town Council, Provincial Government, and Community Members to refine the design and seek input.

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Koinedge Farms will produce 86 servings of vegetables for each of the 27,000 citizens of Labrador per year, or 2.4 million servings of vegetables.
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3400 Flower  3,400 Servings/Week
4 Full Time Jobs  4 Full-Time Jobs
The 2MW pilot is designed to test the idea, assess the market, and working with the community to refine the concept. This project is a renovation of an existing building in an industrial zone where the use is permitted by the Town.

Koinedge Farms will grow produce by fall 2019 pending hydro service.
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42400 Flower  42,400 Servings/Week
20 Full Time Jobs  20 Full-Time Jobs
The 12MW facility will support a viable hydroponic farming business including retail, office, and packaging areas. In addition to the commercial operations, the building has been designed with additional community assets. Excess heat from data-mining is warm and dry— perfect for dehydrating meats and making country foods. A community dehydration space can be provided to community freezer programs. Koinedge Farms is exploring opportunities to work with the Town to heat an outdoor playground in the neighboring area.
CO2 Emissions
Koinedge Farms would reduce carbon emissions by 577 tons per year in CO2 emissions from shipping produce.
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How much noise will this create?
Any noise will be created by cooling fans which will be inside the building. If you were standing on the roof next to the fans, the noise would be 75 decibels or about as loud as city street noise. At the nearest neighbourhood, 1.5 km away, noise from the farm would be about 30dB which is a little bit quieter than the inside of a library.

Will this make my power bill go up?
No! It will have the exact opposite effect on residents’ electric bill. With the substantial amount that KoinEdge Farms will be paying to NL Hydro, those funds will allow Hydro to reduce the amount they need to collect from the current residents.

Is this long-term development?
Koinedge Farms is funding a brand new building which would have a life span of 75 years. Data-mining is essential to digital currencies which are now being adopted by large banks. People will always need to eat. The market for food production is not going away in Labrador and the revenues from food production will keep the facility in operation.

What kind of jobs will be created?
The project will create 24 full-time jobs. Jobs will range from specialized trades and management to retail and farming. The average salary will be $75,000 per year.

Will this affect my Internet Speed?
The amount of bandwidth required at each facility would be the same as streaming a movie on Netflix.

What kind of food will be grown?
The farm will grow lettuce, herbs, tomatoes, strawberries and other vegetables. Pricing will be competitive to the marketplace, and produce will be fresher. If you want to learn more about the grow system that Koinedge Farms will use, check out:

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